Nest Hub Manual and User Guide for Beginners and Seniors

Google’s Nest Hub smart displays work with voice commands for the majority of their functions. As a result, this device is simpler to use than smartphones or PCs. Nevertheless, the (overall) lack of a visual user interface makes it difficult to explore features. If you looking for Nest Hub manual, you can download below.

nest hub manual

Upon that Hub’s main screen, Google shows information and tricks, but they do not even wrap each available alternative and function. In this post, you will get some valuable information about the Nest Hub manual: Is there a manual for Google Nest Hub?: How do I operate my Nest?

Google Nest Hub Manual and User Guide

nest hub manual

Download User Manual

NOTE: The user manual above is in PDF form, your computer needs the Adobe Reader Application to open it. You can download the Adobe Reader for free through here

Google Nest Hub Manual Tricks

If you are looking for a Nest Hub manual, or you need a manual for Google Nest Hub to operate it, here are some hacks to try:

Create Routine

On the Nest Hub, Google Assistant Routines are the closest thing to automation. After you’ve created a Schedule and assigned it a command phrase, and said the activation phrase could well initiate any actions contained within the Routine. For instance, I made a Routine called “rain” which adjusts the volume of my Nest Hub before playing the sounds. All I have to say to activate it is “Hey Google, rain.”

routines on nest hub

Open the Google Home app on your phone, touch your profile icon in the upper-right corner, choose ‘Assistant settings,’ click the Assistant tab, and then tap ‘Routines.’

Routines are among the most effective features available on the Google Home platform, and they’re well worth exploring. Google also has some prepared ones you can experiment with, such as the widely known “Good morning” routine, which will tell you the day’s news, the seasonal changes, and much more.

They aren’t as impactful or adaptable as Tasker, but they can add a lot of simplicity (and convenience) to your larger screen or speaker.

Bluetooth connectivity

There is a quick solution if you want to enjoy audio content on your Nest Hub from the other mobile or smart home device that does not have Google Chromecast. The Nest Hub can work properly as a Bluetooth speaker, letting you stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. This is extremely useful with PCs, iPhones, and many other devices that don’t support Chromecast.

To begin, launch the Google Home app and choose your Nest Hub. Then, in the top-right corner, press the Settings gear button, then ‘Audio,’ and finally ‘Paired Bluetooth devices.’ You can enable pairing mode here, which makes the Nest Hub appear to nearby devices as a Bluetooth speaker.

Change the display case

When it’s not in use, the Nest Hub shows current photos from your Google Photos library. You can change this default in the Google Home app by choosing your smart display and adjusting the assistant settings. To replace Google Photos, launch the Home app, tap the Settings icon, and then pick ‘Photo frame.’

You can choose whether pictures from Google Photos, from a gallery, or a full screen clock, will appear on the Nest Hub’s main screen. In addition to the ‘Recent highlights’ collection, you can select specific albums when using Google Photos.

You can test with a variety of settings in the Photo Frame menu, such as a temperature display, notifications for future events, and how instantly the display cycles through photos. You can get a very personalised look, which is a nice option for smart displays in general.


You now have the understanding you need to set up a smart home after knowing some of our favourite new Google Nest Hub tips and tricks. From this information about the Nest Hub manual: Is there a manual for Google Nest Hub?: How do I operate my Nest? Hopefully you can learn valuable tricks.

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